Information for your exam


Please Read and Follow all instructions before your appointment

It is crucial that you follow these restrictions in order to achieve accurate results from your thermal scan. 


  • Avoid excessive sun exposure to the point of burning your skin for 5 days prior to imaging.
  • Avoid a strenuous workout, exercise or weight training for 24 hours prior to your test.
  • No physical therapy, EMS, TENS, ultrasound treatment, acupuncture,  chiropractic, physical/sexual stimulation, massage, hot or cold pack use  for 24 hours before your exam.
  • Do not use lotions, powder, deodorant, antiperspirant, perfume,  makeup, scented products, perfume or anything topical on the body area  to be imaged the day of your exam.
  • If any body areas included in the images are to be shaved, this  should be done the evening before the exam.  Do NOT shave under your  arms the day of your exam.
  • Allow at least 4 hours after a hot shower, hydrotherapy, hot tub or sauna.
  • Do not smoke or have any caffeine for 2 hours prior to your exam.
  • If bathing, it must be no closer than 1 hour before your exam.
  • Do not use a car seat heater prior to your exam.
  • If not contraindicated by your doctor, avoid the use of pain  medications and vasoactive drugs the day of your exam.  You must consult  with your doctor before changing the use of any medications.
  • For breast imaging, if you are nursing you should try to nurse as far from 1 hour prior  to your exam as possible.
  • Let the technician know if you have had any recent skin lesions or blunt trauma to the area to be scanned.

Any questions?

Please contact us immediately if there are any questions before your exam. We look forward to seeing you!