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The Importance of Thermography

Our Mission


Thermal imaging is the only tool that gives you an inside look into the physiology of your breasts, giving patients a risk-assessment of disease years before tumors can form. Our goal is to provide insight into your body to help you take control of your health choices.

Painless, Radiation Free


For all women beginning at age 20. Thermal imaging, combined with a clinical breast exam are two of the most powerful tools in the risk assessment of breast disease.  Breast thermal imaging has no dangerous radiation, is 100% safe, painless, and affordable.



 Karla Porter, CRT (R)(CT), CTT, CMT has a 35 year history in Spokane as a radiologic technologist certified in both radiology and computed tomography (CT). She is also certified as a thermography technician and a certified MammaCare clinical breast examiner. She currently owns and operates Insight Thermal Imaging.  

Health Benefits of Thermography

Eary Detection of Breast Disease


Thermography is an FDA approved technology used to identify physiological signs that precede cancer and signal future risk. Many believe they can  improve, modify and manage their risk through lifestyle changes, diet, and natural treatment. Thermography offers patients a tool for monitoring  the effectiveness of these treatments.  

Monitoring your Hormone Levels


  Studies show high levels of estrogen are a key risk factor for breast disease. Thermography can offer your physician a powerful diagnostic tool to identify Breast Specific Estrogen Dominance. 

Powerful tool when combined with other modalities


Breast infrared  thermal imaging is a cornerstone to detecting breast disease at its earliest stages. When combined with mammography and a clinical breast  exam - your chances of detecting breast disease is substantially increased.

Thermography can:

  • Detect erratic heat patterns 
  • Offer  early warning signs of breast disease 
  • Show vascular development 
  • Offer a critical view in determining hormonal levels 
  • Show your level of risk of having breast cancer now and in the future.  

Monitoring your health


For women working to better their health, Insight Thermal Imaging in Spokane offers thermography as a powerful tool that allows you to see changes over time. See for yourself how life changes can help reverse the breast disease process. Our MammaCare certified clinical breast exams in Spokane can provide valuable information in the early detection of breast disease.

Life Saving Technology

Hear from Staci and Lindsay - breast cancer survivors thanks to the early detection from medical thermal imaging.

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Beyond Pink - Designer Bra Fashion Show

 Beyond Pink through its annual designer bra fashion show cerebrates Thermography and its powerful ability to aid in the early detection of breast disease - Raising awareness and helping provide funding for women who could not otherwise afford this potentially lifesaving procedure.