About Us

Insight Thermal Imaging


We use the most accurate state-of-the-art  equipment on the market today, to provide radiation-free, non-invasive,  painless, and completely safe procedures, which gives you a look into the health of our breasts, and bodies. Our advanced digital  equipment is FDA approved for adjunct diagnostic screening for the  detection of breast disease, and a variety of other inflammatory conditions. 

Mission Statement

Early Risk Assessment Thermal Imaging empowers women to be proactive with their breast health. 

We believe early detection gives women the best chance of combating breast disease.

Certified Medical Thermography Technician


Wendy Ramsey, CRT (R)(MR),CT, CMT is our newest member of the Insight Team. She brings a wealth of imaging experience with 30 years in Spokane as a radiologic technologist certified in both radiology, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). She is also certified as a thermography technician, and is a certified MammaCare clinical breast examiner.  

Certified Clinical Thermologist


Our lead Certified Clinical Thermologist is Dr. Robert L. Kane, DC, DABCT, DIACT (B), FIACT of Kane Interpretive Services

with over 25 years of thermal imaging interpretation. 

Proud member of the IACT, the world's most trusted source of information on  the use of Breast Thermography and Thermal Imaging in health care. 

What Patients are saying about Insight

Gale E.

 "I want to extend my thanks to Insight Thermal Imaging for the very  good care I received during a recent visit to their office for  Thermography. I was treated with respect and dignity by everyone. What I liked was the thorough explanation of what I would be  expecting during the exam, and the review of the test along with the  digital images.  Education really helps. The professional breast exam that was part of my visit is a beneficial part of the service at ITI." 

Aviva S.

 "Dear Karla,  It's been quite an eye opener about thermography for me.  I suspect  most women don't know about it and that's unfortunate.  I am so grateful  I got the opportunity to learn about and have the experience of  thermography.  It makes me want to practice better self care with this  improved awareness. Your professional approach, the way you made me feel comfortable, and  the way you encouraged me through the process was very impressive.  I  think I learned a lot and will continue to once I receive my results.  I  appreciate your informative and knowledgeable answers to my questions.   And it is so wonderful that Beyond Pink is willing to help women to  receive this test. My kudos to you and the work you do so carefully and graciously." Many Thanks 

Leanne S.

 Karla, the word needs to get out on Thermography. With my sister having  been diagnosed and successfully treated, I was so glad to have a  thermogram which showed bad energy developing in me, which has allowed  me a chance to change my diet and lifestyle to prevent this army of heat  from becoming cancer. Earlier than early detection is the key to saving  our "girls" before they get sick! 

Terri B.

 Karla, you are the best! I am totally sold on Thermography after having  THREE friends diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 3 years. I'll be  back every year!! 

Kim K.

 Loved waking up to seeing you on television talking about thermography and Beyond Pink... gettin' the word out! Loved the fact that thermal imaging  could detect the presence of breast cancer 6 to 10 years before other  methods... and completely safe! Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.