Medical Thermal Imaging

It's been quite an eye opener about thermography for me. I suspect most women don't know about it and that's unfortunate. I am so grateful I got the opportunity to learn about and have the experience of thermography. It makes me want to practice better self care with this improved awareness. Aviva S.

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Medical Thermal Imaging

No single test is 100% accurate. Thermal imaging adds the dimension of physiology (function) for a higher rate of detection. Breast infrared thermal imaging is a cornerstone to detecting breast disease at its earliest stages. When combined with mammography and a clinical breast exam - your chances of detecting breast disease is substantially increased. No single test is accurate enough to trust your life with, but when combined, these two technologies are a powerful force.

Thermography can:

-Detect erratic heat patterns - an early warning sign of breast disease

-Show vascular development - a critical view in determining hormonal levels

-Show your level of risk of having breast cancer now and in the future.

See for yourself how thermography can help you take control of your own health by offering you an insight into what's happening inside your own body.

A Better Approach

Less evasive and radiation free

Digital thermal imaging is non-invasive and radiation free.

Increase Your Chances

Detect Cancer Earlier

Your images will be analyzed by an IACT certified thermologist; a doctor trained in thermal imaging interpretations.

Suzanne Shaw on Breast Thermography

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Karla Porter has a 30 year history as a radiological technologist currently certified in both radiology and computed tomography (CT). Certified as a thermography technician and a certified MammaCare clinical breast examiner. She currently owns and operates Insight Thermal Imaging. Visit MammaCare Clinical Breast Examiner at -

Beyond Pink Charity

Beyond Pink is the result of two women who wanted to celebrate the technology called Thermography and its powerful ability to aid in early detection of breast disease. Their goal, was not just to raise awareness, but to provide funding for women who could not otherwise afford this potentially life saving procedure. Click the picture to see more.